We have not once heard that being sociable is incredibly important for our progress. These were the words of our parents, friends and school teachers who were developing our communication skills at the lessons. Why did they do that?

The answer is simple: we live in the era of global communication and it is impossible to achieve any goal without turning to someone for help. If you also wish to be a successful communicator, who can reach heights without difficulties, it is time to learn. We have prepared you 6 bestsellers that will help you to become better in communication and must be a table-book of every person.

1The book is a necessity for everyone who wishes to be a winner in every situation. Life prepares for us such challenges that sometimes you should put all your possessions at stake to get something impressive. In these cases, crucial conversations can be a decisive factor so this book is of ultimate importance. The authors provide their readers with really dignified tools that can be put to practice in reality and bring about desirable consequences. The book will be also useful for building or improving your both personal and professional relationships. There are numerous examples from the real life so there won’t be any difficulties with implementing the advice in reality. Opt for useful insights and strategies from the authors to see positive changes in your everyday life.

2Apart from the direct words pronounced by people, there are many other ways to realize if the person lies, wishes not to mention some information or even trying to manipulate you. This information can be noticed thanks to some non-verbal techniques mentioned in the book. Body language is something that is controlled not by every person and the stronger possession of this language you have, the more doors will be opened in front of you. Gestures give away the most part of people’s intentions and it happens that pronounced words have nothing to do with real person’s thoughts. The authors share their unique knowledge how to read and understand body signs effectively. All this information is based on the detailed research from such sciences as biology, medicine, and psychology and presented in a comprehensible and funny way. Here one can learn sex differences of body signals, gestures that show off liars as well as approaches how to use them in life to get the most of every situation.

3Many experts say that asking right questions is the core of successful communication. Andrew Sobel and his co-author Jerold Panas have gathered 35 powerful questions that will contribute to the development of every business as well as deepen any kinds of relations. The content of the book contains 35 conversations with influential people of the modern world including CEO specialists, clients, and even billionaires. The power is these questions is unsurpassed as they have already helped to restore marriages, changed lives of both friends and colleagues and refocused numerous meetings. Be armed with necessary knowledge to rule the world. Moreover, the authors have also suggested 200 other important questions looking through at the end of the book.

4The key to success of any relationships is proper communication. These skills are formed within all our life but if you wish to develop effective social skills quicker the book is exactly for you. The author offers numerous methods and techniques that make conversations much more efficient. They can be used in any life situations from marriage up to business relations. Most of them are based on and developed from the Biblical principles, but they have undergone life tests and proved their efficacy in the modern life. These tools will help you to express without difficulties and avoid misunderstanding. The author also offers some trigger words that undoubtedly promote positive reaction of the interlocutor as well as teaches what, how and when to say your statement to sound convincing and meaningful.

5Great encounters can be received only as a result of successful communication. Whether you speak face-to-face, by phone, Skype or other ways the goal can be achieved only by creating positive atmosphere and result of the communication. The book author focuses on the ways how to get this positive result using Big Brain and Little Brain Communication – two brains we use for socializing. The book will be useful either for every single person’s experience or for professionals who wish to explain communication art to their employees.

6It seems natural that you can’t persuade or make anyone do anything if they do not hear you out. The main task of every speaker is to break through the emotional obstacle build by every person and this is what the authors of the book focus on. Mark Goulston shares his impressions from the personal life as well as offers scientific researches that are presented in the way of techniques how to get through to people. There are such interesting viewpoints on how to:

  • Make the first impression;
  • Be an effective listener;
  • Force even a complete stranger feel “felt”;
  • Transform aggressiveness into a rational mindset;
  • Achieve business goals through top notch communication etc.

This book will help every person not only listen but also hear the interlocutor as well as turn so-called ‘difficult’ people into your devoted and closest friends. The author’s expressions are very memorable and practical. For example,

Stop trying to be interesting, be interested instead; 

Everyone wants to feel ‘felt’,

seem like quotations that reveal the life truth. No wonder the book is devoured by its readers.

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Six Books That Will Boost Your Communication Skills

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