Part-time jobs are quite popular among college students nowadays. Besides searching for classes, college students are just as eager to look for jobs. The main reason is to support themselves or pay for their studies. Also, there are a lot of other opportunities to work during college studies: it gives a chance to have better grades and to get experience in your specialty. 

Trying to fit a job into your schedule can be a lot like playing a game – you don’t always find work that is a good fit for you. Between classes and clubs, you need a job that works for you, rather than the other way around. A good part-time job should offer flexible hours, so you will have time for studying. One of the best tools for finding such a job is Periodix.

What is Periodix?

Periodix: intelligent job matching for freelancers

Simply put, Periodix is a platform to find freelance jobs – but it’s much more than simply a page full of results. Instead, Periodix presents you with an AI-curated list of freelance jobs specifically matched to your skills profile and competitiveness for the job.

Why bother with AI, when you can browse projects on your own, as you always have? Because time is money, particularly when you’re a freelancer between jobs and without a paycheck. The fact is that 79% of freelancers spend anywhere from one day to one month searching for new jobs, which is frankly unacceptable in today’s fast-paced world.

In just seconds, however, Periodix aggregates freelance jobs posted online and its artificial intelligence system instantaneously matches the preferences and experience of the freelancer with client needs. The result is a list of jobs with an extremely high likelihood of being hired. It takes into account your desired pay rate, the skill set of other applicants, and a host of other variables to serve you better results than you would find anywhere else.

Naturally, this approach dramatically decreases the length of one’s job search. Since Periodix is essentially a job search engine married to an AI-powered lead generation service, it may be a godsend for freelancers who work on a project to project basis and require new jobs regularly.


Periodix functionality

Periodix: intelligent job matching for freelancers

Above is the feed of jobs which match a user’s interests. Freelancers no longer need to check freelance sites several times a day, scrolling through new jobs as they appear. Periodix keeps working all day long, finds jobs that will be a good match, and adds them to your feed.

Every job in a user’s feed includes information about the job. It shows the budget, country, amount that client has spent previously, and the client’s overall rating. These items provide freelancers with a quick snapshot of the job.

Periodix: intelligent job matching for freelancers

The unique Periodix algorithm calculates the possibility of getting a job, which is reflected in a percentage of how well the job fits the freelancer’s skills/interests. It also checks the profile of every freelancer who submitted a proposal to predict your hire probability in view of the competition.

There is also an option to apply filters to affect the jobs feed. This allows you to narrow the focus of the jobs feed; for instance, users can set the minimum price they’re willing to be paid for a project and even the countries in which they’d prefer to take clients from.

You can add up to 20 accounts to Periodix, which is useful for teams and agencies. With Periodix, you can get jobs that match all your team members’ skills in one place.  It is in its beta testing stage now, however, and isn’t available to all users yet.

Periodix: intelligent job matching for freelancers

Test drive

I had a chance to use Periodix recently. It is really interesting how jobs are discovered by the service and matched by my skills and interests. Without Periodix, I would spend about two hours on Upwork just to identify good projects each day, screening through hundreds of unwanted jobs. Some jobs paid well and had excellent clients, but they were from another field or didn’t match my expertise. I’ve contacted the Periodix team and learned that, in contrast, its service finds 15 jobs per day on Upwork for every user. When there are some good jobs for a specific user, it finds them easily. But even when there are no obvious clients to connect with, Periodix still uncovers 15 jobs, trying its best to guess which jobs might interest a given freelancer. This is how artificial intelligence works in the real world.

Periodix benefits

  • Periodix automates jobs search. Users don’t need to spend time searching for jobs anymore. Artificial intelligence knows users’ experience and preferences, which makes for an efficient and quick job search process.
  • Periodix saves users’ time by finding jobs with a high assignment possibility. By providing jobs with a high assignment possibility, it improves their sales funnel, which means more jobs assignments with fewer effort.
  • Periodix predicts hiring behaviors. Users find it helpful to see their predicted chance of job selection in comparison to other freelancers, and each client’s choice improves the site’s algorithm. On most days, if it happens that there are more than 50 freelancers applying for a job, I would perhaps give up and move on to another job – but if Periodix tells me I would be among the top three candidates, I might reconsider.
  • Users can create multiple accounts. Agencies and freelance teams that search jobs on freelance marketplaces will get jobs for all their employees.

Periodix drawbacks

  • The early version of the product still had a couple bugs here and there;
  • Their algorithm will need to learn more over time; it wasn’t totally perfect yet, since I was one of the first users;
  • It only works with at this stage, but it will soon expand to more freelance sites.


Periodix is a great platform for freelancers and teams who don’t want to spend all their time looking for a new project. It is the first public version of the product so more features will come soon, but I definitely recommend trying it out if you’re a freelancer.

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Periodix: intelligent job matching for freelancers | Noplag review

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