Many parents try to choose the career of their children in the early childhood. The others start preparing them for the future profession when they pass to the high school.

In any case, a good education is a key to a happy and easygoing life. It is the main reason why both parents and their children make this responsible decision together focusing on the skills, talents, and preferences of the child.

Nowadays it is very popular to get a higher education abroad at the best-renowned universities. Thousands of children would like to enter such universities as Harvard or Oxford, but is it the truth that the diploma of such acknowledged universities and colleges paves your way to the successful and well-paid career? Let us find out the reasons to choose education abroad and its influence on the further flow of lives of their graduates.

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Statistical data to support study abroad

A conducted research that investigated the mobility impact on the ability of employment, development of skills, educational institutions and the internationalization of European universities and colleges proved that students, who have an opportunity to study abroad, are more likely to find a job than those ones, who preferred to study at home.

This study has also shown that these students had more chances to be employed even before traveling to another country and after they returned to their native land they increased their advantage by 42%.

Another study was conducted among the potential employers, who confirmed the fact that 64% of them would prefer to hire potential employees with an international background. Almost all of the employers also agreed that their recruits should possess soft skills (ones that are mostly acquired in foreign educational establishments), a good knowledge of the study field and of course, experience.

One more interesting information is the fact that every tenth student with an international degree starts his own business and does not wish to work for any host company. In general, these graduates are called to receive more professional responsibility and better transversal skills appreciated by many recruiters.


Reasons to choose foreign educational establishments

Education, as a sector, has brought down the walls of geographical confinement that marred the industry as well as the growth of students and academics in general. However, now is the time to consider foreign education, because it opens up the world for you to enjoy the best educational infrastructure and career opportunities. – 5 Things To Check Before You Plan To Study Abroad

Different people suggest various reasons why it is worth studying abroad. But you should consider many factors when to talk on this topic. For example, it is obvious that African people do not have reputable universities in their motherland so they have to go to other countries to get an education. But why do Americans, who can boast ones of the best colleges in the world, leave their country and travel abroad to study? Reasons are different and now we will look through them.

1Better quality of education

Though it is rather difficult to evaluate how quality education of one or another country is, many people still think that education in the universities of the developed countries is much better. In fact, the core of this reason is different. Each of us hasn’t studied in many universities and can’t offer obvious reasons why one is better or worse. The main factor to evaluate the quality of education is preferences of the employers. Many international companies that offer well-paid jobs look for specialists, who graduated from the definite educational institutions and it is the main reason that makes ordinary people divide universities into categories.

2Better employment opportunities

To find a good job after graduation is one of the main causes that makes students leave their native country and travel to foreign countries. There are several vital features that will make a resume of such student stand out among others. Firstly, it is the prestige of the university. Secondly, this is a good knowledge of the foreign language as it is impossible to study in the country not being fluent in its language. Thirdly, knowledge of the global market. Most superior universities prepare their students for international companies. The fourth unrivaled feature is an ability to travel and negotiate with international partners as students, who have already made their choice to study abroad, will not have obstacles to go on a business trip.

3Decreased cost of education

Of course, not all the countries can boast a lower cost of education, but there are countries where the cost of living and the quality of education are rather liberal for students. These are mainly post-social countries where Americans, for example, will pay four times less than at home. Another opportunity to receive a cheaper education is to win a grant or scholarship.

4Development of your personality

Leaving home and a necessity to go to another country can be a real challenge, but if a student decides to do that, he or she immediately becomes a grown up person responsible for himself. The absence of comfort zone and uncommon experience, a necessity to get accustomed to the new place, people and traditions transform a teenager into an independent and adult person, so it will be much easier for him to adapt to difficulties of postgraduate life.

5Fluency in foreign languages

One important reason for parents to send their kid abroad at least for some period is a possibility to practice foreign languages. Being in the language environment is a perfect stimulus to improve your speaking skills and learn much new. Another thing is a list of foreign languages offered in the educational establishment: a student receives an opportunity to learn new foreign languages and improves its competence in order to meet the requirements of modern globalization trend.

6New experience, culture, skills, and memories

Travelling has always meant a widening of person’s horizons and studying abroad is not an exception. A variety of non-customary for your native land hobbies, activities, interaction with completely different nationalities, new friends and even spouses, absolutely unusual delicacies, customs, values, and traditions – all this falls to your knees when you start living in another country and creates unforgettable memories.

7A chance to earn money

It is natural that studying overseas is much more difficult at the beginning. It may involve language difficulties, cultural differences and various requirements of teachers, but soon you get used to that and realize that you have enough free time. The best way to spend it is to earn your living abroad. Of course, these may be rather trivial part-time jobs for students, but if you are ambitious enough, you can organize a marketing company and help students to study abroad being a bright example yourself. Such job may include consulting services, paper work or useful connections with universities of your motherland.


Many people underestimate how living on one’s own can be beneficial for a young person. Some children can’t become independent even in their late forties, so sending a child abroad you give him a ticket to an adult life too. It includes not only a necessity to do household chores themselves, but also a variety of other responsibilities characteristic of adults. A child learns to combine studying with day routines. Some students start earning their living and learn how to manage finances in order there were enough of them for a stated period of time. Another important feature of an adult person is to adapt to different situations, as not everything that happens in our lives corresponds with our desires. Young people meet these challenges too and learn how to overcome them. As a result, even a short period far from home can change the character and habits of your kid and teach him or her to cope with any situation in life alone.


Programs, scholarships, and organizations that promote international education

Not every family can afford to pay for its child’s education abroad, but there is a great desire of this teenager to try what there is overseas. In this situation much depends on the child. Nowadays, there is a variety of programs and grants for talented children and students. Most of them are undoubtedly connected with studying in the USA, but there are also great suggestions from the European countries too.

Usually, most of such programs are aimed at skillful representatives of technical specialties and ones interested in various sciences. Such interest and deep knowledge of the subject should be confirmed with the written scientific paper or research. Another important condition issued for such students is fluency in the national language of the country they go to or at least possession of some basic knowledge.

How does it work? Of course, each program has its own application rules, but usually you should apply for the program providing all the necessary documents and supplements. In general, there are several stages in each program to go through and after completing all of them you are given an answer if you deserve to be a winner.

There are various programs offered today. You can opt for an exchange program and invite to your family a person from the foreign country. There are scholarships and grants for talented students. You can try a leadership program if you feel it is your strength. One of the most widely spread programs offers an opportunity for students to go abroad to work or live in the foster family and master the foreign language in its environment, while some students do not mind international volunteering – each person makes his own decisions!

The most famous organizations that offer to study abroad include Institute of International Education, Fulbright Scholarship Programs, Broadreach, The Peace Corps and many others.


How studying abroad can benefit your career success?

As it was already mentioned studying abroad has a positive impact on the employment opportunities of the student. According to the survey conducted by The Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), 97% of international program participants have received a job within one year after graduation, while only 49% of general graduates managed to do that too. Their salary was also much higher and 90% of them were accepted to continue education to their first or second choice program. That is another evidence that studying abroad contributes to the employment success of students, but apart from the dream job they receive a number of other advantages too.

International program experience is incredibly positive and 85% of the students confirmed this viewpoint. Due to such experience, all the students acquire new character traits that are so appreciated by future employers. Such students get:

  • Motivated;
  • Initiative;
  • Flexible;
  • Adaptable;
  • Creative;
  • Independent;
  • Responsible;
  • Patient;
  • Organized etc.

Apart from the changes in the character they also can boast a variety of new valuable skills:

  • Fluency in foreign languages;
  • Intercultural competence;
  • Time management;
  • Intellectual curiosity;
  • Awareness of global issues etc.

These are examples that were offered by scientists, who research the field and influence of education abroad, but personal considerations of the students, who have undergone this experience, are not less interesting and surprising. They have offered some new benefits obtained while studying abroad:

  1. It is easier to choose the field of employment after graduation;
  2. Ability to adapt to different workplace environments;
  3. Appreciation of the importance of their field of studying;
  4. Understanding of yourself and life values;
  5. Ability to accept differences in other people;
  6. Getting open-minded;
  7. Increased tolerance etc.

All these skills and traits can become a selling point of any resume, but not every person can boast them. No wonder, it is not even necessary to mention all these lists of acquirements if you state that you have finished a foreign educational establishment. This small phrase and great personal experience will be undoubtedly job-winning.

Group of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

Studying abroad is a dream of many students, who realize the abundance of benefits it can provide you with. Though the greatest benefit you receive as a result of such education awaits you after graduation – it is a well-paid job in the reputable company. This happens because the experience received by students, who go abroad to study, is incomparable and can be incredibly useful when dealing with their responsibilities. Moreover, such people can make an unrivaled contribution to the development of the employer’s company due to the acquired professional contacts or skills.

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Does Studying Abroad Really Help Your Career?

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