Entering universities students meet a variety of new challenges.

Apart from the completely new way of studying and new requirements, many students have to taste what adult life is and earn their living and studying themselves. The fact that it is incredibly difficult and almost impossible to find a permanent well-paid job without an education, experience and with the schedule that will not interfere with the studying process, that is why many youngsters look for alternative jobs that will bring them money and could be compatible with studying. Though such jobs do not guarantee a regular salary, they are still preferred by students because of some unrivaled benefits: ability to work part-time, flexible schedule and good money. What else is needed by a young person?


Look through these 14 ways of earning money for students without having a regular job:

1Create your own blog or start a YouTube channel

Most of the jobs for young people that can’t be regular are undoubtedly connected with the Internet. World wide web offers a variety of possibilities for young people and even if not all of them can bring wealth and popularity, some can be rather interesting, educational and compassionate. At the same time, having tried an extraordinary online job you may even change your career and life objectives as some of them appear to be more than just exciting.

One of the popular ways to make some money is starting your own blog. It will not bring fortunes from the very beginning, but it can encourage you to develop and set exact targets, for example, a minimal number of page views shouldn’t be fewer than you have decided. That means that you should write or post photos that will be appealing and interesting to a definite kind of people. Having determined your target audience, soon you will see if there is future in your project and whether it can be your permanent job or just a lovely hobby.

Another interesting solution is a possibility not only to earn money but also become recognized due to the views of your personal video on YouTube. The more popular you will become; the more money can be earned through that. Of course, there are several conditions for a channel to be successful: funny quality videos, minimal advertising, time to get popular etc. But if you are lucky enough to make a strike, it can feed you till the rest of your life. Isn’t it inspiring?

2Try freelance writing

Nowadays, with the constant development of the websites it is rather difficult to attract visitors to the sites that provide no useful or funny information. That is why, each website owner spends hundreds of dollars for interesting content that might be appealing to more visitors. You do not need to start your own site to earn money writing articles, there is a variety of sites for freelancers, where thousands of jobs are offered on a daily basis, and if you have a flair for writing, you may earn a decent salary working only several hours a day. Another advantage is a possibility to choose the amount of work and start writing whenever you want. Such a job can be rather profitable with some time when you find permanent employers and get the basics of SEO-writing, as the beginning might be challenging – numerous bids, raw articles, no sales – these are obstacles overcoming which you may fall in love with this way of earning cash forever.

Daniel Scocco, the founder of Daily Writing Tips offers the guide that will provide all the information you need to get started if you like to write and want to start making some money freelancing online. Check it out in his article How to Make Money Freelance Writing Online.


3Other freelance jobs

Apart from writing a great part of freelance jobs is dedicated to software and app development. If you are aware of the IT sphere, there is hardly any better job for you. But if you are not ready to rack your brains with coding languages, there are other interesting freelance professions. Many businessmen prefer to promote their products using social networks and hire people, who can assist them with this task. Even socializing on forums, design of logos, translation into different languages, selling photos can bring about easy money – it is enough to search.

4Try online modelling

If you refer yourself to people, who consider themselves attractive, why not try a modelling career. Of course, it is not meant to conquer catwalks of the Paris fashion week or leave everything and go to LA. Nowadays, there is a new kind of modelling that takes place at home. Many business representatives look for people to make photos in their clothes or with their signs and are ready to pay money for that. You can even win a jackpot and receive some clothes free of charge as a praise for good work.

5Take part in online surveys

Surveys refer one of the most popular ways of making profit online. The objective of the job is to complete different surveys on the site. Some of them are quite short, the others may take you up to half an hour to complete. The money range is also quite various: you can earn from $1 to $20 on one survey. Sometimes there are extra tasks like feedback writing or mentioning your opinion on some topic that are also paid extra. Of course, you can’t earn much completing surveys, but it is a good way to raise money procrastinating.Blue online survey key on keyboard

6Act in mass movie scenes

Another exciting way to earn an extra buck is an opportunity to be shot in the real movie. Many directors invite young people for mass scenes or some episodic roles and pay some money for this. In addition, you can drink a cup of coffee or tea with pastries offered as a snack between scenes. Of course, such a job is preferred by young actors who would like to connect their life with films, but ordinary students can do that as well.

7Draw comics or caricatures

Drawing talent can also be useful for getting extra money. Nowadays it is out of trend to sit in the street and draw the caricatures of passers-by. It is much easier to register on one of the sites, provide a few of your sketches and wait for profitable orders. These can be not only caricatures, but also other pictures – the only thing required is talent, piece of canvas and desire!


There are no people without talents and if you have at least one, you can share it with other people in exchange for money. Many modern students take up teaching as a part-time job looking for clients among friends, relatives or just placing some ads. What teachers are in-demand today? You can opt for music lessons, teach foreign languages, help with school subjects, show how to draw, paint or make something with your hands – the only circumstances to consider is your professionalism in this sphere. Choose what you are the best in and place online or printed advertisement to find students. You can also prefer to teach on Skype if you do not mind having students from different corners of the world.

9Babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking

Some people are not confident in their talents or teaching skills, but there is a part-time job for them too. Those ones, who have younger sisters and brothers, experience in caring for kids or just love them can choose babysitting as an alternative. Sometimes even those characteristics are not obligatory as some parents just leave somebody adult at home while a child is sleeping, so you will get money for doing something you like in the complete silence. Another job option is taking care of pets as some pet owners can’t leave them alone or do not have time for feeding them – this can be a perfect way to earn money walking a dog or feeding fish in the aquarium.


10Give pieces of advice (fashion, relationship, friendship etc.)

There are people, who are desperate for a variety of tips. They are ready to pay money in order to listen to someone’s pieces of advice. If you keep up with Joneses, look through the fashion magazines regularly and believe that your taste is perfect, you can give people useful fashion advice. But if you enjoy psychology of relationship and are ready to listen to the problems of other people, you can have a lucrative job too.

11Start your own business

There is no more perspective job than to become an entrepreneur. Many students set up their own business straight out of the dorm rooms. There is a famous example of Mark Zuckerberg, who initiated FB, but there are numerous other brilliant ideas and new successful start-ups organized by students. If you have an idea of your own business, there is no need to wait until you finish education: strike the iron while it is hot. Prepare a business plan, look for investors, office if necessary, start your project – don’t postpone for tomorrow what can be done today, but only after perfect planning and calculations.

12Become a mystery shopperenqueteur-300x282

Have you ever wanted to come to the restaurant, café, shop and receive suggested examples liked by you completely free of charge? Do you think it is a dream? Not, it is a dream job of a mystery shopper. You not only get pleasure from eating delicacies in the restaurant for free but also receive money for that. The only thing you should do is to evaluate the restaurant or any other place according to some requirements. Of course, nobody in the checked place should know who you are and what task you have, but that a tiny drawback if to compare benefits that you will receive. If you want to try this dream job, find a guide on the Web and start working.

13Rent out your dwelling to be filmed

If you are lucky enough to study at the university or college and live nearby, you can make money renting out your home. Of course, you can opt for a standard procedure and invite someone to live next to you and pay you for that, but there is a more profitable way to rent out your dwelling. Many directors look for ordinary houses or flats that will be shot in films or series. The daily rent price in this case is incredibly high and you can receive a monthly salary for a couple of days. The only drawback is a necessity to leave home for this time and find another accommodation. But isn’t it worth that?

14Use mobile apps for making money

It may seem unbelievable but now it is possible to earn money using various applications on your mobile phone. It has nothing to do with writing or freelance jobs. These are applications that offer to take part in paid surveys, complete some offers signing up different sites, play online games, watch various videos etc.


Studying has never been a severe obstacle for those, who wish to earn money. Some students manage not only to earn their college living but also organize their future. Of course, it is possible to find a regular job, but only imagine what it would be if you have no experience and any degree! It is much simpler to look for alternative jobs that can bring about happiness and money. Some of them remind a way to entertain, the others can be admitted as regular and well-paid jobs with good perspectives for future. Everything depends on you and your desire to work, so run the risk, make some efforts and soon money will not be a problem for you.

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14 Ways to Earn Money in University Without a Regular Job

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