Many young people, who attend school, make a decision to postpone or avoid entering higher educational establishments and immediately start working.

But there is always a challenge: how to persuade an employer to take a young employee if he has no special education and experience? The only appropriate solution to this problem is a well-structured and professionally composed resume. This paper can emphasize person’s strengths and skills distracting employer’s attention from education and experience. Let’s consider how to build a convincing resume being a pupil yet.Untitled-1CV

Some job positions require having special skills. When you study at school, you may notice what skills and talents you have and how important are they for a desirable job position.

For example, how well do you study? Do you complete tasks always on time? If yes, that means you are a responsible pupil and you can undoubtedly add this feature to your resume.

Many professions require organizational skills. If a pupil takes part in various contests, is always ready to help with any events, full of ideas that are to be fulfilled in reality, that says about organizational talent.

Another important feature is an ability to socialize. Employers are in need of communicative and active guys, who are not afraid to speak first to a stranger or persuade the interlocutor in being right.

All these and many other features are important for some positions, so look through the requirements issued to you and evaluate yourself to be confident that you suit the position.Untitled-2

It happens that experience of any kind appears to be of great importance. Place yourself in the place of the recruiter: who will you hire, a person who has already tried labor though free of charge or a guy, who can’t even imagine what all day long work is? This means that any experience, even volunteering, can become a trump card of your resume in comparison with other ones. Moreover, volunteering is started not by every person. Only those people take up these tasks, who are ready to give a helping hand and avoid lazing around. Such conclusions can be made by the employer as well when he sees such experience line.Untitled-3CV3

The best characteristics should not be postponed until the end of the resume. Strike the recruiter from the first line presenting your best advantages. You might start with your excellent grades, organizational talent, other achievements, experience if there are any, but if not – from your most impressive features.

Employers offering a decent salary and good work conditions usually receive hundreds of resumes so it is important to hook them right from the beginning for him to invite you to the interview.Untitled-4

The structure of the resume includes several important points such as education, experience, interests, characteristics, but as there is no obligatory order this information should be presented it is better to start from the strongest features and finish with your minor ones. For example, school pupils usually have no special education so it would be reasonable to point out this information at the very bottom of the whole paper.Untitled-5CV4

When the employer or the recruiter composes an ad with the requirements to the future employee, it is obvious that they wish to find a person, who will correspond with the written. That is why it is important to have or look at the job ad when you compose your resume. By doing so, you can evaluate how well you will cope with the responsibilities and mention those characteristics which are important for the employer.Untitled-6

You can draw recruiter’s attention with a simple headline of the resume. It must be composed in a similar way to: “High school pupil is looking for call center operator job”. This headline should also correspond with the employer’s ad headline that might look so: “Hiring call center operators for summer job”. This simple statement can be a key point in the final evaluation of the resumes.Untitled-7CV5

It is important to show the recruiter that you realize what responsibilities you will have. Depending on the job you choose the list of subjects can be various. If your future job involves communication with other people, opt for such disciplines as literature, languages both native and foreign ones etc. Some simple positions require possessing computer skills or some creativity so you can mention what courses you are studying and what grades are there.Untitled-8

Our parents and relatives have more experience in search of jobs and undoubtedly, they used to compose their resumes or have them written for them. At least, they have seen how a customary resume should look like and give a piece of advice if there are any troubles.

An adult person will not only look through the structure of the resume but also may notice any mistakes if there are any. How disappointing it is to be refused in job position because of a minor misprint! A review of another person is not a guarantee of having no mistakes but the probability of their presence is much lower. It would be twice better if your resume will be revised by several people.

Young people make many mistakes trying to find their first job and unfortunately, they have to face many difficulties and employers’ indifference before they will be invited for an interview. Many efforts to get a good job finish with disappointment as you never receive a desirable call or e-mail. That is why it is so important to compose a decent resume and minimize your chances to be unsuccessful. Follow the tips for high school pupils mentioned above and your initial job experience will be only positive.

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8 Simple Steps to Build a Resume When Still in School

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