Elearning and EdTech tools have become incredibly popular.

Technology does not stand in one place and is constantly developing. Each new year trends in education vary, so let’s see what experts say about EdTech and e-learning and how it will change in 2017.97349-OKYKH0-1981

Micro-learning is the way of getting knowledge in short bursts. Students’ love for videos inspired many educators to create short but still engaging videos that sometimes can replace customary lessons. Such videos are available on any devices and it takes only a couple of minutes to learn or understand a new concept.

Donald H Taylor focuses on the fact that micro-learning will continue to be one of the best-ranked topics in 2017. It will spread from North America to other countries and gain popularity there.12222

Cait Etherington, the expert of eLeaP, thinks that micro-learning will influence e-learning in 2017. It will become more integrated into the working process as well as daily routine. Moreover, it will the main approach to corporate learning. Micro-learning will also get the features of just-in-time learning, as well as old existing data existing on the Web, will be transformed into small pieces of information to be mastered.

ygfuyModern group system education has made a shift backward as personalized learning is gaining pace thanks to e-learning opportunities.

Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey from Personalized Learning, LLC have suggested a wonderful scheme about trends that will prevail in personalized learning in 2017. They focus on personalized learning that must be both creative and innovative. Such learning should aim at future taking into account the development of the technology. Teachers will get more digitally literal and that will contribute to the effectiveness of EdTech use. The other important features that will characterize personalized learning in 2017 are a competency-based education, global collaboration of both pupils and educators, project-based and professional learning, be based on equity and justice as well as build culture learning habits.10 Trends of PL 2017 (2)
Image source: 10 Trends of Personalized Learning in 2017 

3Sieva Kozinsky, a representative of StudySoup, pays teachers’ attention to so-called peer-to-peer learning. In the modern world, online education is mainly based on the communication between a student and his teacher through Skype. But Sieva mentions that soon most of the students will leave classrooms and encourage their peers to learn in groups in front of the computer screen. Such education may replace ordinary curriculum and become a new natural process of learning. Studying with peers contributes to the enhancement of communication skills, group work as well as critical thinking.13

4Artificial Intelligence has already taken its place in various fields and soon it will be an indispensable part of education as well. The first visible benefit of AI is the advancement of plagiarism check tools that decrease the number of copied or paraphrased content. Another important step of AI will be the personalization of education as more intelligent schooling systems will be able to adapt learning content repositories to preferences of one learner. ent will be able to study at his own pace and using his own learning style.

According to Dee Kanejiya’s point of view mentioned in the article “How AI will transform education in 2017” it will be used for several purposes including:

– grading of students;

– answers to students’ questions will be given by bots;

– students will be tutored by virtual assistants;

– learning will get more immersive due to virtual reality and computer vision;

– rich learning analytics will be the main characteristic of gamification and simulation.

5Marc Carver, a founder of FutureSoBrite agrees that e-learning can be very useful for increasing the sustained attention of kids. Technology can inspire youngsters to study and make them more excited about that. There are numerous disguised teaching methods that look like simple games hidden behind it. Moreover, bright video lessons are able to hold their attention for a longer time than ordinary human’s speech. That happens because of colorful graphics, interesting heroes, funny narration, music background contained there and helps to get a maximum of result from the suggested information. And 2017 will continue to develop this trend.107673-ON3QSU-966

6According to Karl Kapp, Gamification will continue to gain pace in popularity in 2017 (2016 Reflections on Games and Gamification for Learning). This popular approach of e-learning has been greatly appreciated in 2016 and today agile and engaging software continue to attract more young people being hidden behind a bright game picture. Gamification adds competitive spirit to education and teaches youth to work in teams to get a desirable result. It encourages cooperation by making efforts to get some extra points, badges or other rewards. This trend will continue to develop to make training more adaptable, interesting and interactive.

Karl mentions that there is a continued strong interest in the gamification of education. The numbers of Markets and markets only prove this fact – over 46% of growth for one year. Karl also says about the popularity of games in U.S. families and one’s from other countries. That means that the exploration of gamification and search of the new approaches how to implement it in modern schooling will be one of the most important topics in 2017. He also states that games will be combined with other innovative EdTechs like virtual reality, for example.preview

7Mobile devices have already taken the world by storm and today they are incredibly useful for educational purposes.

Mike Karlin, the founder of EdTech Roundup, believes that modern learning can’t be performed without mobile devices. He mentions different applications that integrated learning process and focuses on their benefit for school children and a possibility to use them at school. Mike is confident that many applications can improve the collaboration between teachers and students and tells about the latest apps and platforms that can contribute to the learning efficiency in 2017.

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Top E-learning & EdTech Experts of Education Industry 2017

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