Students cheating has always been a very serious problem as inventive individuals sometimes astonish with their imagination and devices they use to perform a task unjustly.

This problem has become rather significant in exams, where a variety of new techniques appear annually. Some people, who are not connected with education, have a dim presentation of what exactly cheating is and how it takes place. What do you think of cheating? Can you imagine that students do not consider it a problem?

Some of the used methods are even not referred to cheating by students themselves. For example, not all learners admit that plagiarizing is a way of cheating, but in some countries, there is even criminal responsibility for that. But still almost 90% of students are aware of the ways how plagiarism checkers can be cheated and their illegal actions are very difficult to prove.

Nobody even thinks about the seriousness of the consequences cheating can bring about. At the same time, the inventiveness of the students only humiliates.



Surveys on cheating are ones of the most often conducted surveys by educators. They are organized to realize how this problem develops or diminishes with time and unfortunately, the number of cheaters does not decrease immensely. What about your experience? Have you ever cheated on the exam? Why?

In accordance to the surveys of US News and World Report 51% of high school students do not consider it wrong. And what is incredibly shocking is the fact that 95% of interviewees said that their cheating had not been detected by teachers.

In college figures are a bit different. The percentage of students, who admit cheating, is a bit lower and equal to 75% while 85% of youth agreed that it was an important thing to move ahead in the educational process. 90% of them also were not caught by the staff of the educational establishment.

The teachers treat cheating from a completely opposite point of view. Of course, almost all the interviewed teachers consider it a bad experience that influences the educational process in a negative way.

We want to turn to teachers with questions: How often do you catch your students cheating? And do you get offended if a student is cheating?


It is impossible to mention and describe all the ways of cheating in one article. For this purpose, it is necessary to write a book, for sure. But today we will mention 10 most popular ways of cheating at exams mentioned by students.

  1. Pencil written notes on the calculator back

Calculators are allowed to use on exams and written in a pencil crib on its back is invisible from any angle until you look closely at its back. If you feel that you are followed or might be caught, most of the calculators are equipped with professional covers that may hide your notes.

  1. Fingernails as a crib

It is natural that manicure is a very important thing for young ladies and it can be also useful at exams too. A neat and tiny handwriting can do you either a good or bad favor if you are caught. But it is always possible to erase everything using your fingers if you on the point of being detected.

  1. Pens with secret notes inside

Modern pens go in a variety of forms and their inside volume, non-transparent plastic or metal they made of, create a perfect environment for secret notes. You can hollow out your pen at the exam and take out a note with the necessary information to copy – a simple but working method!

  1. Pens with invisible ink and ultra-violet torch

The modern world does not stand at one place and even pens develop. Invisible ink is not the latest development but it was greatly appreciated by students, who can prepare a sheet of paper in advance writing it at home and using ultra-violet light read or write down that again at the exam. The only thing is: what to do if you are noticed cheating because of a UV torch?

  1. Calculator with memory

Not all teachers are aware of their presence but calculators with memory can hide formulas and test answers for some period of time.

  1. A written crib on the water bottle label

Today even bottles with water are used for cribs. Their covers are taken off, the notes are being written on the inside of them and then stuck to the bottle again.

  1. Digital watches

Modern digital watches can fully replace smartphones that offer a variety of opportunities to cheat. They have special apps, instant messaging and the Internet access, so a test can be solved in a matter of minutes.

  1. Students mark their own papers and make teachers admit their mistakes and improve grades

Mentioning that cheating is a synonym to lying there is no better example of cheat equal to lie than this. As soon as exam papers are returned to the students, they make similar to their teacher corrections and present them as mistakes of teachers. Many teachers get nervous as nobody is insured from overlooking or misinterpreting and immediately agree to improve the grade without looking what is there. Such actions are extremely offensive for teachers, who learn about their rough mistakes!

  1. Erasers as a canvas for answers

All things from your pencil-box can be useful for the exams and erasers are not an exception. Students draw answers on them too!

  1. A team of crooks outside the exam room

How can they be helpful you will ask? Only imagine, one of the students throws a question paper out of the window or makes a photo and sends it via phone, a team of helpers solve it nearby and either dictate or send via messages the answers for the whole class to pass an exam. Good idea?

Cheating is not the best way to receive a good grade for the subject.

If you are a regular cheater, it means that you will never be an excellent-grade student and once you will be undoubtedly caught to be severely punished.

Consequently, cheating can be and must be stopped at the educational establishments and first of all this must be a decision of students to stop cheating.

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Inventive Students: 10 Crazy Ways of Cheating in Exams

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