Christmas has always been considered a family holiday, but its celebration takes place not only in the circle of the relatives.

Many schools and teachers try to explain the importance of this holiday organizing various class activities. Many of them appear to be so exciting that are repeated year after year. If you decided to encourage your pupils to study better as well as improve the learning environment, it is important to organize exciting Christmas activities to be appreciated by everyone.  Let us look through the main fun classroom activities to be prepared for celebrating Christmas in the school family.

1 Decoration competition

Each Christmas people decorate pine- or fur-trees to create a special holiday atmosphere. This activity can be brought to the classroom too. All you need is a couple of small artificial fur-trees and incredible imagination of the pupils. It will be great to offer them to find some unusual or extraordinary means to decorate a tree and then determine the winner.

Another attribute to be decorated in the classroom can be holiday cookies. A teacher can not only make a competition in their decoration but also offer the most pleasant opportunity to consume them.


2 Name the tune

Who does not remember that old TV show where the participants had to remember the title and the singer of a song? This great game can acquire a Christmas theme and the task of students will be to name the tune. It can be done in groups or individually praising kids for a right answer. 

3 Pin the nose on Rudolph

This is an example of the popular game adapted to the Christmas theme. A teacher should draw a reindeer on the board without a nose. Then he or she gives all the pupils a paper nose with a spot of color on the edge. All students have various colors. Then they get blindfolded, spun around the class and their task is to pin Rudolph’s nose with their own noses. One to make that the most accurate wins.

4 Match Christmas symbols

A great matching game will be to the pupils’ taste. A teacher prepares two cards for each Christmas symbol (the more cards the more difficult it is to win) and divides students into two or three groups. The team that will find more matches wins.

5 Spelling game

If a teacher wants to engage his pupils into more school-like activity, he or she can offer to play Christmas spelling game. Having united kids into teams a teacher announces the task: to spell as many words using letters of the word “Christmas” as possible. The team with a bigger list of suitable words is announced to be a winner. The task can be complicated if to allow kids to use the same letters for several times or offer not a single word but a phrase, for example.

6 Enter the world of snowflakes

This activity can be not only fascinating but also educational. There are numerous regions all around the world where snow is a rare occasion or is absent at all. To provide children with this snowy atmosphere a teacher can start the lesson with the interesting information about snow, snowflakes, people who first made photos of them and a collection of images how snowflakes differ in reality. The next stage will be creating snowflakes from the different materials (paper, matches, plastic bottles etc.).

7 Christmas cards or a letter to Santa Claus

All children adore making something with their own hands. They would be very happy to create something extraordinary if a teacher shows an example. The task of the teacher is to mention what materials are needed to have with and offer an idea how to create an unusual postcard that can also become the background for a letter to Santa Claus.


8 Christmas Pictionary

There is hardly any such an exciting game as Pictionary. Pupils get an unforgettable pleasure both depicting and guessing what is written or drawn on the card. Teacher’s task is to prepare some interesting Christmas symbols that can be depicted with the body parts and fun of Pictionary will take all the class by storm, for sure!

9 Secret gifts

It is natural that every person likes gifts, let alone children. At the same time, it is impossible to buy presents for each classmate. But there is a great game about secret gifts to be guessed. A teacher spreads small sheets of paper and asks students to write the name of their classmate and some clues about the present he or she would like to give him. When a child takes this sheet his task is to guess what it is. Only imagine how diverse children’s imagination is!

10 Mathematics assignments

Though it may seem that Maths has nothing to do with Christmas, it is a big mistake. To make even this subject exciting a teacher has to collect various paper ads from different stores. Then his task is to formulate some “word problems” like “Mr. Smith has three children and only $200 for all presents. He wants to find three different games of the same price. Help him, please!”. The older students can also count sales taxes or delivery costs, everything a teacher wishes. It will make Maths more significant for everyday life of pupils, undoubtedly!

Illustration of Stickman Kids Having a Christmas Party at School

Christmas is a favorite holiday of many children and they would be incredibly grateful if a part of this holiday will be brought to the school classroom too. Pupils like spending time with their friends, but a teacher can make this activity both funny and educational. It is up to the teacher to decide if one or another tip how to celebrate Christmas in the classroom can be used exactly with his pupils, but in any case, children would love to have funny lessons and the end of the term and Christmas theme can contribute to that. Moreover, such classroom activities are incredibly important for creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in the class as well as promote better relationships and ability to team up among students.

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Fun Activities for the Classroom Christmas Party

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