Educator for a Day: who is it?

Education has always been a priority for many people as if a person does not develop, it means that his life is purposeless. We learn something new on a daily basis, that there is the time in the year when education plays the most important role – American Education Week. There are various activities held and organized during this week and one of the most exciting and interesting ones is a program entitled Educator for a Day.

It is a program when successful business representatives, community, and governmental leaders are invited to a school to both listen to the students’ challenges and share their keys to success. Usually, these are rather busy people, who haven’t entered school for many years so this experience will be pleasant either for students or for these people.

The purpose and key activities of the program

The main objective of the program is to provide business leaders and authority representatives with the opportunity to learn how modern school function, allow them to share their personal experience and the way to prosperity and give advice to younger educator concerning decisions and challenges they meet or might have in future. It is a chance to make adults closer to the children’s world as well as give kids a boost for development and study. Another important target of this program is to transform a one-day experience of these people into continuous relationships that will lead to school environment enhancement, support of students’ achievements and school staff.

Being unique each school chooses its own program for this day, but in general, such activities can be included in the list:

  • A tour to show the facilities of the school;

  • Discussions with teachers and students;

  • Lectures how to achieve success;

  • Learning and suggestions about school improvement plans;

  • Interviewing of a person;

  • A round table with tea and pastries etc.


Reasons to invite Educator for a Day

The experience received by an Educator can be even more valuable than information devoured by students. Not all of them really realize what it means to study in the modern school and how many of their initiatives (if these are politicians, for example) may influence the educational process. Let us consider 5 reasons why it is important to allow successful people to get more down to earth:

  1. Compassion

Usually, most of the public people are invited to example schools, where everything is organized for their arrival. But not everything is that sweet as many schools do not correspond with the requirements issued for a school of the 21st century. Allowing a person to see with his own eyes that reality differs from perfection might result in a compassion feeling and a boost for actions.

  1. Accountability

Most of the government representatives are not aware of how the budgets they set are realized at schools and whether it is enough for proper school functioning. Visiting classrooms and other school facilities they may see what is required and how all their decisions influence students’ lives.

  1. Ally

Visits of influential people can lead to the fact that they will become your allies and help the development of the educational establishment.

  1. Communication

Business people, as well as community workers, are highly educated and experienced people, who can not only share their knowledge but also offer great solutions to, it may seem insoluble problems. Another aspect is the connection of such people with media and a chance to be closer to the community through it.

  1. Taking care of kids

There is a small number of people, who follow statistics, but only 20% of adults now have a child of school age. Consequently, it is a very small number that must be increased. Children are our future and successful people should also contribute to their upbringing and education.5817b54ceb7de.image

Educator for a Day is a very useful program. It has its unrivaled benefits not only for school children and staff but also people, who are invited there. Gaining new experience, they see the reality with their own eyes and are powerful enough to change anything for better. Moreover, such people are a good stimulus for school graduates, who will soon join adult life and must have a good example to follow.

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Overview and Reasons to Try Educator for a Day

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