Student life is not only cramming, writing academic papers and visiting a college. Young people can make it much various and interesting if they wish. That is not true that students have no time for anything else apart from studying. This fact has been proven by many other generations who have also experienced student life and did not lose a chance to diversify their leisure time.

It goes without saying that students must try a variety of things within the period when they enter college and start living on their own and to the graduation time when they dive into an adult life and have no time to let their hair down. So let’s see what ultimate things every student should do to say that he or she has experienced student life fully.

  1. Live in the hostel with a roommate
    You will never get a full understanding what a student life is if you are not taken from the family and not left living on your own. Only leaving the fraternity home young people realize how many things they underestimated and now lack them. Even a personal room appears to be a luxury as students have to live in small hostel rooms with roommates they never knew, cook in the kitchen, do shopping to have anything to eat and study in the noisy atmosphere. At the same time, a hostel is a fun destination as it is impossible to forget making fun of your friends, jokes, group games, efforts to break into a hostel at night and many other unforgettable situations.
  2. Join a campus club
    Though it may seem dull to visit campus clubs it is a great mistake to miss this opportunity. Sometimes this experience appears to be the most memorable. You can not only find friends but also take up the activity you love doing and get pleasure from that.
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  3. Work part-time
    No matter how much money you relatives can give you on a monthly basis you always lack them. First of all, you started living on your own and have no idea how to schedule your expenses for the whole month. Secondly, there are always situations where unplanned money is a necessity: noisy parties, birthdays, health issues etc. The only solution to money problems students may find is a part-time job. All those necessities make young people understand the difficulty of earning money and sometimes allow them to get that initial work experience important for an adult life and successful career.
  4. Relax all night long
    Youth is the only time when 24 hours of loud music, strong drinks, and endless dances seem pleasure and relaxation. It is the time when you strive for hanging out with friends and it is important to make the most of nightlife during this time not to regret then.
  5. Study or work abroad
    Education at college or university provides every student who shows his wish with an opportunity to go abroad. You can exchange with a student from another country and try what it means to study there as well as opt for a kind of program like Work&Travel, get new experience and impressions. Youth is a great time to look for new opportunities and new cultures can offer you what you look for.
  6. Miss classes
    Of course, if it were possible, students who have not miss any class for years of studying could be equaled to record holders and added to the Book of Guinness Records. However, it is only a dream as it is impossible not to miss a class for several years. Usually, the reasons for that are health issues, but what student has not missed a lecture intentionally? Being not prepared, oversleeping, excellent weather are only some of the excuses but there is no sense to refuse: classes were, are and will be missed by students.
  7. Take advantage of the discounts due to Student ID
    One of the greatest benefits of being a student is a possibility to use all those discounts and special offers provided by a Student ID. A variety of new perspectives opens for young people when they learn all the advantages of possessing an ID, so never miss that.
  8. Try every dish in the college dining hall
    It is natural that brain requires charging and student’s brain is not an exception. Who was not tempted by that delicious smell from the college canteen? It seems that by graduation every student has to try everything offered in the dining hall and once having troubles with digestion accuse it of that problem.
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  9. Visit a library
    Not all pupils visit libraries at school, but when you become a student, it is impossible to avoid that. Whether you are assigned a project or written paper, you will have much more chances to pass it successfully if you visit a library. Moreover, all students have to sign up for a library so it is impossible not to come in there at least once.
  10. Get help with an assignment
    Even students with excellent grades face difficulties and look for assistance. It can be a help of friends, relatives or instructor but there are tasks and circumstances when you are not able to cope alone and students know them for sure.
  11. Crib
    No matter how well a student studies it is his nature to have a look at the neighboring paper and compare answers, let alone those who can not be called excellent graders. Students cribbed and continue to do that as you can not go against your nature, undoubtedly!
  12. Participate in the college activities
    College life is full of different activities and sometimes you can not avoid them if you even wish to do that. At the same time, participation in them makes everyday life brighter and more emotional. Only imagine how wonderful it is to cry for the college basketball team, choose the queen of the university or run a quest with your groupmates. Take the most of student life and you will have something to tell your grandchildren then.
  13. Get acquainted with new people
    Entering a college you have to get acquainted with your group mates and teachers, but soon it will be a pleasure for you to find new friends and acquaintances. And when the time of graduation comes, you may say without doubts that you know almost half of the college, not fewer.
  14. Fall in love
    Young people are the most fallible in their age and how can you avoid passion and feelings for more than 4 years? The studentship is time to love and be loved. Only think how many people celebrate weddings right after graduation, let alone those ones who try building
  15. Take pictures of your student life
    It is impossible to live a life and have nothing to remember. College years are a huge part of your life that must be remembered and there is nothing more pleasant than looking through the photographs of your youth and remembering those great times. Undoubtedly, every student has a couple of photos from college, so it is of utmost importance to keep them and once you will enjoy all those memories.
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An Ultimate List Of Things Every Student Must Do Before Graduation

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