College students require reputable sources to study and write academic papers. Moreover, studying takes much time and effort so some useful resources may be helpful for easing the educational process. We have prepared students 15 online resources that may be beneficial in studying.

1. Saylor
A completely free online resource that offers classes on numerous subjects is Saylor. It provides students with free and open classes that can be learnt at your own pace. There is information both for K-12 and university students, so make your choice from over 300 courses.

2. Study Guide Zone
Despite a little bit old-fashioned design, the website will be appreciated by students who prepare for different exams and tests. There are exams for everyone beginning with the primary and secondary school and finishing with graduate exams in several popular fields. There are many easy-to-use preparation materials as well as practice tests.

3. Getting Smart
Studying effectiveness can be improved due to the resources mentioned on the popular educational platform called Getting Smart. There are three groups of useful information: resources on improving leadership, use of educational technology and learning.

4. Compass Learning
Compass Learning is a website aimed both at teachers and students. Teachers can find much interesting information and ways how to make learning personalized, while students can look through long lists of useful resources as well as try demo versions of educational products.

5. Coursera
One of the most valuable educational platforms for modern students is Coursera. It offers educational material on many university disciplines. All the materials were prepared by real university tutors from prestigious educational institutions. That confirms their credibility and unsurpassed efficacy. Many of those courses are taught in the modern universities so their value should not be underappreciated.

6. FindTutorials
The website FindTutorials was created with the goal to provide students with the best tutorials available across the web. As soon as you find interesting for you information, you can see the feedbacks of other learners on its efficacy. Thanks to user votes every learner can see if the material is Quality and is worth looking through.

7. Course Buffet
The website Course Buffet will prevent you from searching reputable sources on the topic and looking through hundreds of websites. Its search engine will provide users with links to open courses from a variety of websites. That means that the possibility to find the material on the certain theme has become much higher.

8. Open Culture
The diversity of content offered by Open Culture will impress even very diligent learners. Here you can find information for projects, develop intellectually, learn how to write different papers etc. No matter what you are interested in, whether it is literature or history, computers or environment, every learner will get what he wants there.

9. UReddit
There is hardly anyone who has not heard of Reddit, but there is another great educational platform called UReddit. It contains a variety of courses, learning materials and lessons for you to become an expert in different fields. All the lessons are created by ordinary people so you can choose a teaching style that fits you best to master the subject more effectively.

10. EdX
One of the most popular MOOC websites is EdX. It offers online courses on the majority of subjects taught at the universities and colleges. It is free for everyone who wishes to learn anything from scratch or enhance the existing knowledge. Being a world’s leader the website is visited by millions of learners on a daily basis so its efficacy should not be questioned.

11. RefDesk
RefDesk is a site for learners that has been awarded with many rewards. You can find as well as check a majority of facts there. In addition, there is an abundance of reference materials and searchable databases to find information on any topic. There are many exclusive materials that are very difficult to find so the website will come in handy without any doubts.

12. Internet Public Library
Are you not satisfied with the way how the ordinary library works? There is a nice alternative to customary libraries available online. This public library contains millions of published editions in many languages. Here you can find reputable free dictionaries, encyclopedias, books, magazines and numerous other materials. They can be accessed anytime and anywhere so the website popularity will only grow.

13. Discovery Education
The platform Discovery Education offers many useful resources for students and not only. The diversity of material is really impressive. Learners can find everything from interactive games and videos to contests and virtual labs. They can also receive help with home assignment as well as improve the knowledge of math.

14. The Awesome Library
The Awesome Library offers over 37 thousand interesting resources for learners of all ages. Its easy interface makes finding educational materials simple and funny. The number of topics the website covers is rather big so the website can be extremely useful for students.

Students always lack time so they have no opportunity to browse hundreds of websites to find the information needed. We have analyzed hundreds of educational websites that might be effective assistants in learning and singled out 15 leaders. On these sites, students can find much information on different topics as well as enhance their knowledge in various fields.

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14 Best Online Resources for College Students

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