The environment in the classroom is not less important than quality study materials and correctly formulated goals.

For the learning to be effective and motivating a teacher should create a pleasant and positive atmosphere. Moreover, the classroom should correspond with the requirements that make it suitable for studying. There are different things to be considered to create a perfect learning environment, so follow these tips and your classroom will be the best place to study.98248-OL1XRV-440

  1. Choose a classroom that suits context-dependent learning

It is natural that the place where we study influences the productivity. Some characteristics of the rooms for studying make learning more effective and faster. For example, a spacious room with huge windows that provide much light is very important for the efficiency of education. The same thing is temperature: too hot or cold classrooms will provoke only to thoughts to leave it as quickly as possible. It would be also great to regulate smells, noises, and materials used in the classroom.

  1. Make studying comfortable but without exaggeration

Of course, it seems great to study in your pyjamas as soon as you get out of the bed, doesn’t it? But the effect of such education may be the opposite: too relaxed mind does not wish to consume information. From the other side, studying should take place in the comfortable environment. Pleasant soft colors of the classroom walls, comfortable chairs, and desks that correspond with student’s height, casual clothes that sit well – all these things will make things better. It is also important to choose natural light sources as hours of work with bulbs and fluorescent lamps influence the eyesight detrimentally and make you get tired faster.17

  1. Pleasant music will hide ambient noise

It is the truth that even silent noise distracts attention from the main idea. It seems that you notice everything apart from what is necessary to learn. That is why it is possible to find light non-loud music without lyrics and switch it on while you are studying. It will not only make your brain function better but also minimize the noise level.

  1. Control air quality

It is a proven fact that our brain does not work without oxygen. That means that the fresher air you have in the classroom the better study results you will get. Teachers should pay attention to airing classrooms. It must happen every break. In addition, it is also useful to enhance the look of the classroom with plants. They are great sources of oxygen as well as add the room serenity and fresh look.

  1. Get rid of attention distractors

The first and most important distractor in the classroom is a mobile phone. You can hardly find a student who does not possess a smartphone or ordinary mobile device. It is great that most schools forbid using phones on their territory, but unfortunately, it does not prevent youth from bringing them. Teachers are aware of this fact and their task is to minimize the influence of these devices on the educational process. The most reasonable solution is to ask students to switch on the airplane mode as switching it off may seem mentally liberating.106756-ON7N4Q-888

  1. Create positive associations with studying

Studying is a time-consuming and painstaking process so a positive intention can improve its outcomes. It is advisable to find out only benefits and positive sides it can bring about. As soon as you start learning something remember anything pleasant to set yourself for a good mood. And when you see that you are almost out of strength to finish it, think of the profit you will get and it will be a good motivation to cope with difficulties.

  1. Leave your study environment for other activities

If you managed to create a perfect learning environment, it seems that this place appears to be ideal for a variety of activities. Stop! Don’t get into a trap! As soon as you start playing games or surfing the Internet there, it will lose its beneficial qualities. A place for studying should be associated only with studying: it must preserve the association with learning and should not be interfered with anything else. You can do other activities in other places that will be organized entirely for them.

  1. Library can be an ideal environment

Why do you think libraries were created? Of course, for studying. We always forget about these silent and highly informative places that have been created to improve the efficiency of education. They possess many characteristics of places with a good learning environment as well as also offer numerous materials and sources necessary for education.94280-OJX9K5-62

  1. Study when you have time

Doing several activities at the same time is a very useful skill but what about the quality of these activities? That means that if you watch TV and study at one time, unfortunately, there will not be a desirable result. Some people can not study because of the presence of small children or relatives, so time for studying should be devoted when they are asleep or absent. Another thing is an annoying thought that you have not completed any work: you will not feel free to get the most of studying, so it is better to finish all the tasks and only then start learning.

  1. Make your study materials portable

Many students believe that they have some duties that are much more important than studying. So they should follow a piece of advice to study in any place where they have a spare minute. Today it is very simple to make your learning materials portable using a phone, laptop or tablet. No matter where you should go, you can study in the transport, in the bench in the park or drinking a cup of coffee in the restaurant. Even such short time periods will be useful for better memorizing.

A good learning environment is a key to successful academic achievements. It is very important for fast and quality learning. It is always better to devote some time once to create a perfect atmosphere for studying than suffer from ineffective learning that takes long hours and makes you exhausted. You can create a perfect studying environment both in the classroom and outside it and you will feel that studying will become only a pleasure for you.

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10 Tips For Creating Your Perfect Learning Environment

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