Modern education is influenced by the technological development as well as other industries.

No wonder innovative technologies change the way we used to learn and that happens incredibly quickly. Let’s see what major technologies will define the future of modern education and in what way.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning has grown as the opposition to standard group or class school education. Its main objective is to guarantee each individual his or her own learning pace providing suitable educational programs, academic strategies, unique for one person teaching methods and approaches etc. Moreover, they must be interesting and encouraging for the student meeting his or her aspirations, existing base, and cultural background.

A group of educators has offered 4 constituent parts of personalized learning such as:

  1. Progression based on competency. Any progress a student makes trying to reach the final result is to be assessed by a tutor.
  1. Flexible learning environment. Every student requires special learning environment suitable personally for him. That means that either working place or educational tools should be adapted to one learner for him to get the most productive results.
  1. Individual learning path. Each student studies at his own pace so programs and schedules should also meet individual’s requirements.
  1. Up-to-date learner’s profile. Students should have records about their achievements and strengths to be motivated for further learning.

Modern efforts to implement personalized learning at schools are not very successful as not all teachers can devote enough time to each student. But personalized learning has found its recognition online and with the help of innovative digital devices, so many learners use this technique to improve their knowledge and skills.

Various digital devices and tools can contribute to the personalization of the learning process. They are both encouraging for students and helpful for teachers, so their unmatched benefit is noticeable at first sight.1

Audio and Video Integration

It is almost impossible to imagine modern education without audio and video materials. At the same time, even these visual and audio assistants undergo changes and now a new term such as “audio and video integration” has appeared.

The integration process involves the creation of connections between audio and video devices and installation of the software to connect them and enable simple switching from one to another.

There are two main reasons to use AVI in modern education:

  • it is both interactive and stimulating;
  • it is important to have skills of AV using for successful future employment.

Children are aware of the latest AV technology sometimes even better than teachers, so they know how to take advantage of such AV devices as television, DVDs, iPods, Interactive Whiteboards.

Virtual Classrooms

Distant learning continues to get popularity and virtual classrooms play an important role in the modern way of learning.

A virtual classroom is an online tool or a part of the learning platform that provides students with course materials, home assignment, assessment tests as well as means to communicate and discuss the topics. They might also be connected with social media as well as be an integral part of LMS.

Virtual classrooms allow students to be a part of the learning environment and get instructions from the teacher. Being a kind of distant education they are provided with contemporary synchronous technologies like web conferencing, life streaming, VoIP etc. That guarantees real-time discussions that are as effective as learning in customary classrooms.2

Data interpretation

Math has always been considered one of three literacies and all the calculations were performed manually. But modern technological leap forward resulted in the fact that many of human’s responsibilities were given to computers and robots. That concerns education as well. Computers will soon analyze any statistical data. That means that any assessment software or apps used in education will offer the deserved by students grades automatically on the basis of the achieved results. Most of the theoretical knowledge will apply to numbers so human interpretation will be appreciated greatly because of its not frequent character.

Students Mentoring

Experience is a very valuable thing and only an experienced educator can share really important knowledge. That is why students mentoring is getting incredibly popular today. It is a kind of students’ exchange in which a person with more experience helps another person in achieving goals of both of them. This type of relationship develops between a mentor and his advisor in some time and includes not only guiding and advising but also assistance and support.

This happens mainly through special mentoring programs. Such mentoring can have different purposes: it can be advice about career, business, arts and social sciences, culture, as well as peer mentoring, where students help younger learners to transit to another university without problems.3

Transition from Consumers to Producers

Modern technological development has transformed people from the consumers to the producers of information. Today it is not enough to have a deep knowledge of the subject to be a professional. It is important to invent or to offer something absolutely new. Even social networks inspire people to produce knowledge based on our personal understanding. According to Swinburne University of Technology survey, people who write blogs have a better support of the society and friends. The same situation is with people’s interaction where we not only consume information but produce a new one. No wonder the future of education is in producing.

Certifying Accuracy – Truth vs. Untruth

Plagiarism has been an issue since ancient times but only in recent years, it has become a real problem that people try to solve. Modern educational establishments have also admitted that plagiarism must be excluded from the learning process and in future, there would hardly be a university or college where submitted papers wouldn’t be checked against similarities.

Therefore, Noplag Team decided to create a specific LMS that will help to check for plagiarism on the university level by quality software that has already been implemented in some US and Asian higher institutions. @Edu Noplag allows integrating plagiarism checker into any educational institution and managing everything online, so manual checks and assessment will soon be rarely met in education.4

The Social Environments of Learning

Modern online learning has found many connoisseurs so people began to create special online destinations where learners could team up and help each other. Such websites have received the name of social learning environments. Being members of such environment people can share their knowledge, files, learning materials as well as collaborate on the same topic.

There are several ways to build such an environment online. It can be done with the help of social media, special Google apps, tools, software. All of them differ in functionality and provide various kind of learning assistance, but still, many of new online destinations appear on a daily basis and attract more and more visitors.

Learning Camps

Camps for young learners are perfect destinations for summer rest, but today they have obtained some new features. They are created not only for fun and recreation but also with learning objectives. Studying in the camp is intertwined with relaxation so it does not look like an obligatory one. Moreover, learning camps offer a number of benefits:

  • they teach children to be responsible both for themselves and their friends;
  • a bigger range of accomplishments than at school;
  • personal growth of individuality;
  • socializing with different people;
  • ability to cope with problems themselves;
  • physical development and overcoming of challenges etc.

Camp microcosm is a completely new experience for every child. It offers such obstacles that might not be faced by youngsters in real life and teaches how to cope with them. A camp is a school of life and only such experience accompanied by other important subjects like languages, natural sciences, crafts, art can be called important. No wonder learning camps are one of the main prerogatives for the governments of many countries.Essay1-2-1

Thinking Through the Transition for Existing School Systems

Modern schools have undergone a great transition for the several previous years and continue to develop. There are several important constituent parts of education that undergo changes including:

  1. Students. Soon students will have more freedom in choosing disciplines they wish to learn and change their learning sites.
  1. School buildings. Customary school buildings will be gradually transformed into large learning centers with the latest tools and devices to assist learning.
  1. Teachers. Teachers’ job will also change. The role of the teacher will be to assist learners in achieving their goals. In addition, they will remind guides, tutors or coaches as well as create their personal learning institutions to teach in accordance with exclusive personal approaches.


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10 Major and Emerging Technologies That Will Shape The Future Of Education | Infographic

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