What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a popular software among other project management tools aimed at improving better customer relationship. There is hardly any company or website that does not want to receive feedbacks or messages from its customers and Zendesk was created especially for this purpose. Its main goal is to improve the engagement of customers and that will contribute to their better understanding.

Zendesk.com, as well as Zendesk mobile applications, were developed by the American company Zendesk Inc. located in San Francisco, the USA. It was found in 2007 as an alternative to ordinary e-mails. Apart from its main Zendesk competitors the software offers basic functionality for rather reasonable money and is the leader of the global market among HelpDesk products.

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All Zendesk products have been created for improving customer communication and they constitute a unified consortium. That means that all products are closely connected between each other, have a common interface, work with a single login as well as shared data platform and it is confirmed by users in each Zendesk review. The main products of this project tracker are:

1. Support

A system of Zendesk support was created for customer support tickets putting them in one location. It allows organizing an efficient and personal communication between the user of the software and his customers. A user can track the messages, prioritize them and solve the issues, while customers have access to analytics to evaluate the customer satisfaction rate and other useful data.

2. Connect

The connect software was created with the purpose to let businesses learn their customers better. This software collects information about the customer from all Zendesk products and divided customers into separate segments taking into account their behavior, profile, trends etc. That helps to provide customers with the most suitable messages and develop trustworthy and loyal relationships. Connect is a perfect product for beginners that allows providing any necessary assistance to newly came customers.

3. Explore

Explore product is aimed at understanding the entire experience of all customers. It was created to improve the teamwork as it allows users to analyze data received from dashboards, reports and custom metrics of the customers.

4. Help Center

Each customer can receive necessary for him information using a tool called Help Center. Servicing himself he can read answers to the most common questions, crowd-source ideas from the given answers or start any discussions on the topic.


5. Chat

Zopim is an online chat developed by Zendesk with marketing and analytics purposes. It has a SaaS model that allows real-time communication between the website visitor and company representative.

6. Talk

Talk software has replaced ordinary call centers as today it allows connecting with the representative of the user with the help of any devices connected to the Internet. That means that customers can receive a custom support via phone as agents have an immediate access to this customer history, recording calls, and ticket creation.

7. Message

Zendesk Message is a highly efficient software based on blending real agents with bots like popular social media websites, for example. It gives an opportunity to every customer leave messages using their personal pages on Twitter or Facebook.

8. Embeddables

Using a specially created Software Development Kit companies can provide a mobile or web application with a necessary customer support function.

9. Satisfaction Prediction

Being the 1st machine learning feature to predict analytics and measure customer satisfaction this tool will prevent users from any cases that might bring about negative experience of customers considering the data of historical customer interaction.

10. Relate

Zendesk has started its online publication entitled Relate that provides all the important content connected with customer support, relationships between business and customers, case studies etc.


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There are four main plans for teams the price for each varies between $5 and $99 per one agent. You can choose among such ones:

  • Essential (includes all the fundamentals and minimal setup) for $5;
  • Team for $19;
  • Professional for $49;
  • Enterprise for $99.

This is not the cheapest solution in the market, but Zendesk cost is rather reasonable. For example, a $5 solution will be enough for a small IT outsourcing company. At the same time, Zendesk can boast 65 million clients including such giant companies as L’Oreal, Groupon, and Xerox.


What makes Zendesk stand out among other types of similar software as well as be the best project management app? There are several facts worth mentioning:

  1. There are no restrictions in the number of messages round the clock.
  2. You can opt for a cloud file storage and keep millions of files sent by the customers.
  3. User-friendly, easily branding and customer-facing interface.
  4. Flexible management of tickets with automated workflow.
  5. It is possible to adjust automatic sample answers for one type questions.
  6. You can receive messages on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or live-chat.
  7. There is a possibility to take phone calls that are automatically transformed into tickets.
  8. There is an in-built constructor that allows creating a contact form.
  9. It is possible to block spammers.
  10. Support service is available on mobile devices.
  11. Integration with almost 400 services and third-party apps.
  12. Powerful capabilities of making reports.
  13. Comparatively low price per one agent.
  14. High-quality API services etc.

These are the most popular reasons to call Zendesk one of the best project management tools and choose Zendesk API to enhance your customer support.

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Though the number of drawbacks is much smaller than a number of benefits they still have been determined by customers and users, who have already chosen Zendesk CRM among other online project management tools. Having analyzed not a single Zendesk review we can mention such possible drawbacks of the software:

  1. No free of charge plan.
  2. An administrator opens settings instead of a Dashboard by default.
  3. There is no possibility to integrate SIP trunks.
  4. Agent time is considered only when the request is open.
  5. A necessity to act on several support tickets simultaneously.
  6. Not comfortable user interface that requires learning.
  7. It does not provide answers from forum or knowledge base on the submitted by users tickets.

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Making a conclusion to a Zendesk review, it is necessary to mention that this software is a decent choice for helpdesk service, especially for small teams. It offers great opportunities for integration with other services flexible settings etc. Each company can choose a suitable solution as well as use mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms. At the same time, it requires time to learn the software as not all the settings can be adjusted for the first time. So take into account all the pros and cons of Zendesk making your choice for the best customer support API for your website.

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