We all know that even science cannot answer every single question. What is rather shocking is that some of the questions that might seem easy are not confirmed by scientists. From how a bicycle works to why we sleep, we still can’t answer these 10 simple questions.

10 – What is the Reason of Ice Being Slippery?

Scientists have always doubted that the slippery ice theory is rather ridiculous. They used to regard that ice becomes slippery because a person creates pressure when steps on it and its upper layer melts. But this theory was only a supposition and it was proved that a person couldn’t make such a pressure on ice for it to melt.

A new suggestion of the scientists says that the upper ice layer is a very solid “skin” allowing molecules bonds to stretch without getting broken. Such prolonged bonds are believed to have an electrostatic field as well as make ice slippery.

9 – Why Do All of Us Listen to the Music?

There are many obvious reasons invented by people to answer the question why they like music. It has been proved that music influences our brain and its cognition comes to infants even earlier than some high-level functions of the brain. Another interesting question is why we love different styles of music that are appealing to completely different people? This fact remains a great mystery for scientists who can’t explain what exactly attracts us in music.

8 – Why Does Lightning Strike?

The physical explanation of lightning seems rather reasonable and understandable. It says: when there is a collision of ice particles between each other in the cloud they break into much smaller pieces with either positive or negative charge. Negative ones are pulled downward by gravity while the positive ones are taken upward by an air stream that cause some imbalance. But all that only sounds impressive as the experiments showed other measurements than scientists used to expect. Now they are inclined to the theory according to which cosmic rays shoot through the clouds and strip off electrons that are negatively charged. But remember: it is only a theory!

7 – What Causes Cats Purring?

Cats have always attracted people by their sensitive nature and their pleasant purring. As you know these are different emotions shown by this pet by purring. They may be both positive and negative. They purr towards their lovely kittens, being pet by humans or even terrified. But it is incredibly difficult to determine why they really purr. Scientists offer several variants: purring has specific sound frequencies between 25 and 150 Hertz and the sounds in this range promote to increase the density of bones and healing effect. Another viewpoint states that purring can be a way to keep both muscles and bones in a healthy state for they sleep for a long time. However, none of these examples can explain all the circumstances of cats’ purring.

6 – How Many Planets Does a Solar System Have?

The universe is one of the greatest mysteries for people on the Earth. And though we seem at least to know all the planets of the Solar system, the recent kicking out of Pluto just proved that it is a mistake. Now most of us believe that there are 8 planets there but it is only a guess of the scientists. For example, the area between the Sun and Mercury is a blind zone because of too bright sunlight, while the area beyond Uranus is darkened. Consequently, there could be many new discoveries made in these and other zones of the Solar system.

5 – How a Bicycle Works?

It happens that even the most apparent things might have an incredibly complex structure. It goes without saying that bicycles were invented many years ago and their structure is known almost to everyone. But recently a group of scientists “has invented a bike” – they proved that a physics law that has always been considered to be the core of bike locomotion theory (conservation of angular momentum) has nothing to do with the work of a bicycle and proved it having built a custom bike that works independently of the physics law. The conclusion is obvious – we still know very little even about the simplest devices.

4 – How Many Species of Animal Exist?

This question can be called rhetoric! Historians only suppose what was there on the Earth thousands and millions of years ago. So how can they be aware of the exact number of animal species that got extinct? Each of us knows that annually scientists open numerous new species unknown to people previously, so it is impossible to say how many of unfamiliar to us species are buried underground for millions of years of the planet existence.

3 – How Gravity Works?

What an unpredictable force gravity is! It is both the strongest and the weakest force on the planet and its mystery has been interesting to scientists for many years. Only imagine: you throw a thing up and it falls down again. At the same time, gravity is dozen times weaker than the power of two magnets. Another fascinating example shows the incredible power of gravity – it is the only thing that holds the universe. The only question is unsolved: how can gravity do all that?

2 – Reasons We Need to Sleep?

It seems that scientists have already found an explanation why we think. But in reality these are only suppositions that have both successors and people with an opposite point of view. Sleeping is referred to the processes that:

  • Recharge the brain;
  • Reinforce things in the brain;
  • Or toss received during the day information.

But the exact reason why we sleep unknown. All of us realize that sleeping is incredibly important for our organism and still the cause why we sleep remains a secret.

1 – What is Time?

We use a clock every day to tell or learn the time, but do we exactly know what time is? Do we know the origin of this concept that seems so apparent and difficult to understand at the same time? We consider time the fourth dimension that is used for measuring the order of events that happened in the past, present and will happen in future. But the essence of this notion is still a puzzle for scientists.

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10 Ridiculously Simple Questions We Still Can’t Answer +VIDEOS

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