The index of perfect academic success is excellent grades in all subjects.

Parents encourage their kids to study well not realizing that A diploma is not a guarantee of a successful job and happy life. Most of the pupils, who study well, face such difficulties and challenges in lives that can’t be overcome even with their exquisite knowledge of each discipline. At the same time, graduates, who have hardly got their Cs in most of the subjects, show an unbelievable talent of survival and reach better heights than their nerdy classmates. Let’s see why C students appear to be more successful in life than their A-grade peers.31282-NYMFTO

1. The understanding of their wishes happens earlier among these pupils

Secondary school pupils are already able to evaluate the job market to realize what direction they wish to choose. This decision results in ignoring not important for the future specialty subjects and learning only those ones required for building necessary skills. Moreover, they are going to take up work they enjoy and some vast knowledge is not always required. Think only about Steve Jobs, who became a renowned IT innovator without a college diploma. steve_jobs_posterized

2. Earlier first-hand experience

Usually, C graders do not enter colleges or universities after leaving schools and that leads to the necessity to find a job. Consequently, this youth receives earlier job experience that is so appreciated at work. That happens several years earlier than among their peers and sometimes this experience is priceless and motivating.109542-ONJ5K1-853

3. They organize useful networks

We all know that communication can bring about great benefits. Depriving themselves of the necessity to listen to dull lectures C students communicate with a variety of people and find useful networks. They have more chances to meet necessary people, who might be their potential employers or investors than A-graders and make use of these connections.OJXLEC1-[Converted]

4. They have more opportunities to enjoy their lives and be happier as a result

Young people, who study well, can’t get relaxed even at the parties thinking about their tomorrow assignments. Youth with C grades are not disturbed by this fact and let their hair down filling their organisms with positive emotions and happiness. They become more successful as happiness is a key to it.7-Friends

5. Their solutions are simple but extraordinary

Even the most complex task will not make a C student make long and tiresome calculations. Many young people will look for more creative ways to find a solution to any problem. Thinking outside the box can bring about more valuable results than following the paved way. One of such representatives of C-grade students is a billionaire Bill Gates, who never pays attention to the grades hiring a person.34694-NZO61A

6. They know what it means to struggle for their success

Most of the non-excellent students are not lucky enough to receive a dream job only thanks to a perfectly-looking diploma. They have to pave their way through many obstacles to reach their heights. It appears to be a very valuable experience to go through ups and downs as the way in business is similar.

C students learn to struggle right from the school bench. They look for an approach how to pass tests and exams and graduate from school instead of being expelled. So when they leave school they already know how to overcome obstacles and make that simpler.113731-OOJLC2-84

7. The presentation of success is different among them

For many pupils, an excellent grade is a peak of the success mountain. They do not realize that these are simple numbers that are quite ambiguous. C students do not accept a standard representation of success and avoid following masses. They build their own path that will lead them to a prosperous life.

Such young people come to the conclusion that excellent grades are not the superior dream either themselves or being not explained by parents. Consequently, they set their goal independently and try to reach them alone as well.120805-OPU7NF-228

8. They charge lacking knowledge and skills from others

Students with excellent and good grades almost always rely only on themselves. Being aware that C students lack some knowledge and skills they leverage the abilities of surrounding them people. They team up such groups of people around them that can compensate for their weaknesses. They are able to force necessary for them people perform important tasks without any difficulties so extra knowledge is not obligatory at all.109541-ONGNNK-640

9. They are far from being perfectionists

Done task is better than not completed one. This is the philosophy of C pupils who realize that perfectionism results in procrastination in some time. That is why they find a golden mean and finish everything that is assigned though without great desire and diligence.

These pupils also prefer learning through their mistakes than providing excellent results with someone’s assistance. That will be much more useful in further life where they will reach heights easier and quicker than nerds.06

10. Self-directed learning is for them

Why do C students not go to extremes? They rarely get excellent grades but non-satisfactory results are also not for them. The answer is simple: they enjoy learning but only the information that  is interesting for them. There is no sense in mastering sciences that, to their mind, will not bring about any decent results. Consequently, C students opt for self-directed learning and complete tasks in other disciplines only for them to be completed without paying attention to the quality.120662-OQ1AIU-950-[Converted]

Not every student realizes that grades are just numbers and nothing more during the school years. Unfortunately, focused on excellence in studying pupils get lost when they leave educational institutions as grades play no role there. C graders solve this problem while studying yet. Moreover, their representation of the world and valuable learning experience appear to be much more useful, so graduating from schools they put their knowledge to proactive and achieve success more often in comparison with other students.

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10 Reasons Why ‘C’ Students End Up Being More Successful After Graduation

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