Math Phobia Among Students: The Root Of All Evil



Mathematics has always been regarded the Queen of all sciences. Being a science of numbers and space many modern disciplines have evolved from maths. Moreover, it is an accurate science that does not provide alternative solutions as there is only one right answer to any assignment. However, it is one of a few school subjects learning of which may eventually grow into a phobia.

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3D Virtual Learning Environment: Progress or Collapse?

3d learning


Virtual environment has become very popular in various fields. It goes without saying that many modern games use this technology, but in reality, it is also very useful in marketing, real estate business and even education. People are in a constant search of approaches, methods, tools, devices that can make studying easier and more effective. No wonder that virtual environment has been used for these purposes too.

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Important Tips On Writing An Apology Letter For Plagiarism

apology leter

Plagiarism Today

Plagiarism is a very serious issue that may result in severe consequences. Academic plagiarism may lead to expulsion, while more complicated cases when a person who plagiarized is taken to the court can be finished with huge fines and imprisonment. What should you do to avoid punishment if caught red-handed? The first and most important step is to write an apology letter for plagiarism.

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How Does Drinking Coffee Affect Student’s Performance on Tests?

students and coffee


Students love coffee too and often rely on the effects of a heavy dose of caffeine to keep them awake and alert throughout the day. Student life can be difficult. Hours of classes in combination with full or part-time jobs, activities, and sports can be exhausting.

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Grovo – A Microlearning Platform | Noplag Review


Stories & Reviews

hat is Grovo? Grovo is an online learning management system developed for educating corporate teams and groups of people. It is mainly focused on business that offers staff training using microlearning technology. Both individuals and enterprises can improve digital skills

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