Life is full of many different things that you have to deal with. It is not going to be easy especially when something pops up when you are least expecting it. Managing time is the easiest way to prepare for anything.

1One thing to help prepare for the unexpected is to always leave extra time in your schedule to help. If you are running late or have to do something on the way to something else extra time helps. Extra time allows for any problems to be solved before it causes a problem for the rest of the schedule. Accidents also happen where your key is left somewhere and needs to be found before leaving but time is needed to do that.

Writing down a schedule and always checking it helps to prevent forgetting what is needed to be done. It allows for no crossing over of times for plans that needs to be done. This also helps insure that there is plenty of time for studying for every subject you are taking at that time. Make note of every class and be sure to include appropriate time to study for each of your classes.

2Setting alarms is also a way to insure that the time spent on one thing doesn’t take from another that is needed to be done, stuff like studying, going to work, going to school and sleeping. Limiting excessive time spent on extracurricular activities can also help to insure the things that need to be done, get done. Studying is fine just limit the amount of time you spend studying to what is needed.Over studying is a waste of valuable time and it won’t help with remembering anymore than that is already remembered. A good rule to apply to your studying is to insure there is 10 to 15 minutes before class to go over your notes. Managing study time and not putting it off till the last minute will help insure that there is plenty of time for you to study and sleep. Sleep is an important part of the day, it refreshes the body, clears the mind, and makes it easier to retain what you studied.

3Sleep is the most important thing for a person to include in the schedule when managing time. Lack of sleep causes your brain to not function properly, your body becomes sluggish, your thinking process slows down, your reflexes slow down and your retention of memory become sluggish also. A good night’s rest rejuvenates your body giving the ability to think more clearly, retain information, and it can help prevent your body from becoming ill. When creating a schedule do not overlook the importance of sleep. It should be one of the first things on a your list.

Time management can be hard especially during the times when your schedule is beyond full. A schedule can be used during these times by prioritizing and eliminating things that can be done at another time. Keeping a schedule of everything that is needed to be done and when it is needed to be done will help. Having things that need done, arranged by day, places, and time will help eliminate back tracking and double scheduling.

4Trying not to waste time on meaningless things as much as possible. Having fun is okay but only after priorities are already met. All important things need to be done and don’t forget to include sleep instead of sitting and doing nothing.

Time is important and needs to be taken seriously because there is only so much time in a day, and there never seems to be enough for any of us. Managing time and delegating time to the things that need to be done can be time consuming on its own. Taking the time need to make a schedule, may seem tedious and more trouble than it is worth but in the end it will be your greatest asset. Managing time can also free up time for other things you may want to do. Time management is used in business and other facets of your life. Knowing how to use time management will not only help in managing class schedules but will help in everyday life.

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Time Management For Students

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