Technology, a development and essential part of education everywhere, used as a resource, major tool and essential component in most education circumstances.

Technology has influenced us positively, making us more educated and influenced, more knowledgeable of the world around us and helps us to move forward in society consistently. Technology is thought of as a useful tool and has helped advance in our surroundings with society, becoming more involved in the things that make the population develop. Technology is not only a faster way of communication, but is a faster way to find information, and now with our growing generation, speed is always wanted in many situations that people are a part of. Technology has been created into an essential need in everyday life for much of the population, taking over their work and personal life at astonishing rates. However, what we seem to not realize is the rate that technology is taking over our educational life, developing into a very constructive and desired aspect in most educational systems. With the development of technology, the development of the need for it has acquired as well. Technology has shown profound improvements in education, speeding up the processing, gaining and retaining information. The speed and guaranteed information coming from technology have become dependent on the population, creating a strong relationship between people and technology, as well as technology and learning.OLENCD0-1

Speed and consistency is needed in education, to not only keep effective focus on what is in front of you, but to ensure the rate of production is improving. Students are frequently caught bored in class looking at the same articles or pieces of work that they have to learn about, however, with the updated technological features that come with the available computers or tablets for many students, there are new opportunities for student to excel and succeed in the classroom. These devices are made for our involvement in the world to be increased and the ability of ourselves to grow, however with the constant want and need to develop and purchase these items, technology has had much more of an impact on our lives other than helping with work and communication. Involvement is key in education because education is very dependent on the ability to affect people, and when people are involved they become more interested or more knowledgable about what is being taught/presented to them. Technology has thus allowed education to move at a dominating rate, allowing students to push their education and limits continuously in the classroom due to the great amount of resources implemented in the classroom.OLENCD0-2

With the availability that some students have in their educational settings, there are a number of opportunities they are then exposed to. Technology brings a new view, a new perspective for students trying to conquer their education, giving students the chance to grow increasingly with the new resources available to them. Technology seems to be limitless, having countless amounts of information and resources available in any subject, therefore giving students the opportunity to maximize the amount of knowledge they are eligible of obtaining. With the tremendous number or resources, this gives the population tremendous numbers of opportunities. Education is all about moving forward or advancing in some way, and with the constant growth and development of technology, there had been amazing advancements in many education systems for students everywhere.OLENCD0-3

Technology has transformed this world into something huge, making great improvements to the society that we live in today frequently. Seeing the large impact that technology has had on the population, proves that the continued development and advancements being made to the technological world are becoming more accepted and cherished in many of the situations technology is involved in. Technology has opened a large amount of doors for growth and development in education for students all over the world. Technology has developed into a very essential part in the life of society, allowing society to obtain knowledge and information at a rate like never before. Technology has grown into the key component for i earning, bringing in new information constantly available almost instantly. Education has shaped the way we think, act and i earn each day, making technology one of the biggest resources society has developed.

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