As our world moves deep into the 21st century, it is becoming easily evident that everything around us is evolving.

Certain key aspects of life that have been constant for generations are being modified for the better and all ages are being affected by this mass societal shift into the technological age. In our contemporary, golden age in technology, education specifically is seeing many changes and it is obvious that the core of education is being altered. Through the integration of technology into schools, there is easy access to educational tools for all, an abundance of resources, and a plethora of supplements to the classic educational system. Due to the benefits that technology has in the educational world, it can be discerned that technology is great for our modern society.Sch-essay-11To begin, with the help of technology an even playing field for all students is created. For years there has been much unfairness as it relates to our education system. Students who lived in more wealthy communities or who had parents that could afford private school education had extensive advantages over students who did not have these privileges. This unjust framework is hurtful to society because the parents in the expansive middle and lower classes that simply do not have resources at their disposal to spend on education are left sending their kids to schools that do not help their children grow to their full potential. However, today with the implementation of study resources online, almost all people have access to quality education resources. With websites like Khan Academy or Crash Course, students have access to great teachers and a wide variety of study materials from anywhere. Most students in the middle class have access to their own computers or smart phones and with just a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on a screen, students can access plentiful resources online. Unfortunately, this still leaves the lower class to struggle. Research has found that for students in the lower classes with parents earning less than $30,000 a year struggle mightily in school but recently those students have found a hidden gem that has started to elevate their performance in school. Since these students do not have access to their own personal computer or mobile device, they have found that most libraries across the United States are equipped with computers and the internet. For the students in the lower class, these libraries help keep them afloat in the cutthroat world of education that leaves many uneducated students behind. The technology that is sponsored by these libraries gives all people the capability to reach world-class educational resources that did not exist just a few years ago. Ultimately, when all people have the capability of accessing educational resources, society as a whole ends up benefiting.30Another major benefit of incorporating technology into education is that the internet is rich with resources that can help students, parents, and even teachers. For the students, the internet is filled with great websites that help make learning easier and more enjoyable. For many students in the class, it is easy to get left behind. If a teacher is moving quickly through the subject material and one idea is not understood then the confusion compounds when the teacher moves on to the more difficult material. With technology, students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. If a student struggles on a specific topic then they could go online and search for videos from exceptional teachers on the subject matter. Technology also helps cater to a variety of learning styles for each student based on their prominent sensory modality. After they gain a better understanding of the material they can do practice worksheets that are readily available online or possibly subscribe to a website that has specific assistance in the subject area that is troubling the student. The great thing about technology is that its utilization is unique to the student and caters to each student’s specific needs which are difficult for a teacher to do in a class with 30 or more students. Next, technology helps students collaborate with their fellow peers in a very convenient way. Today, websites like Google Drive allow students to collaborate with one another on the same document or project at the same time. This new interactive technology allows students to gain insight from their fellow peers while also expanding their collaborative skills which are key to success in the modern world. One final benefit for students is that technology makes education more fun. Kids today are becoming extremely well acclimated with technology and they enjoy spending time on all types of mobiles devices and computers. Therefore, many educational companies have created online sources for all ages that incorporate the educational material into fun online games. By creating a bridge between technology and education, students are more excited to learn and the educational process becomes that much more enriching. For parents of students, technology is extremely helpful because it provides feedback on how their child is doing in school. Most schools have switched to electronic grade reporting where teachers input scores on tests and assignments online. This is very beneficial for parents because with a few clicks a parent can see how their child is doing and where their student may need some assistance. Through the use of technology, a link is created between the parent, student, and teacher and this consequently increases the ability and willingness of parents to monitor and contribute to their child’s academic success. Lastly, technology is extremely valuable for the teachers. The most important thing that technology accomplishes for teachers is that it provides instant feedback on how all of their students are doing. If a teacher issues an assignment online, students can work on it on their own time but once they submit answers, teachers can make important observations. For example, teachers can identify specific areas where their students are struggling and through this, the teacher can provide additional assistance. If the student is struggling a lot with a very broad subject the teacher can recommend a tutor. Also, if the teacher sees that all of the students are struggling on one specific topic then they know what to reteach to the class. In all of these situations the student ends up learning better and the teachers are getting a boost and doing their jobs in a more efficient way. Finally, technology can also be used as by teachers as a disciplinary tool. There are plentiful resources online that teachers can use to make sure that their students are acting in an ethical manner. For instance, there are online plagiarism checkers that make sure students do not plagiarize their work. This helps ensure that children are doing their own work and are not learning bad habits. Overall technology is a rich educational source for students, parents, and teachers in our modern world.70007-OCTKIC-807Lastly, there are some people that think that technology plays a negative role in education. In what follows I will state their opinion and go on to explain why their claims fall short and in no way threaten the idea that technology is great for education today. Those who believe that technology is bad for education to say that some students rely solely on online resources to learn and it is bad that technology is being used as a substitute for a teacher in real life. While this argument is valid, it still in no way threatens the argument that technology has a positive impact on education. First, technology is not meant to substitute teachers but rather its supposed to be used as a supplement to in class education. The reason that students should use online resources is if they feel as if they did not understand the subject matter in class or if they feel like they need extra practice. Real teachers are the mentors for the leaders of tomorrow and they do their job very well but when teaching large classes there are situations that arise that end up leaving certain students confused and that is why technology is a great resource because students can personalize what they learn. Furthermore, today some of the best teachers in the world have youtube channels to educate students about their domain. These teachers do a fantastic job explaining things in their own unique way with interesting graphics that captivate the student. Moreover, technology allows students to watch live videos of teachers and ask questions in real time. Teachers ask the students watching the videos to ask any questions in the comment section and these teachers answer these questions in a prompt manner. Finally, when teachers are not accessible to students, technology is a great resource for students to use. If a student is doing their homework late at night and become confused when they do not understand something they need to find an answer. Instead of calling the teacher, which is obviously not an option, students can go online at any hour in the day and conveniently find answers to their own questions. So even though teachers play a crucial role in education, technology is a great adjunct that ultimately benefits the student in a major way.

In current times, the way students learn is being revolutionized due to the integration of technology into the modern educational system. This revolution is allowing teachers to become more effective but most importantly helping students manifest the best within themselves and really allowing them to grow to their full potential.

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